In the “coffee district” of Sydney; Marrickville right in the hub of an Industrial area lies a little gem, Roastville. Hidden away up a set of stairs where you will find a open aired courtyard, filled with your morning and mid day sun. Once inside you are greeted with a lovely planned out green tile and wood interior. Roastville is that perfect destination to enjoy delicious coffee aaccompanied by¬†innovative and experimental breakfast and lunch meals and perfectly presented pastries and sweets.


On this certain occasion I had been to Roastville once or twice before but my mum and sister hadn’t. We sat inside against one of the wall chairs and were lucky enough to have the option of breakfast and lunch. Mum ordered the winter spiced chickpea with cranberries, millet, parsley, mint, pistachio, feta and pomegranate dressing. This came to the table and we all looked at each other. It looked amazing. So fresh and vibrant.


My sister ordered herself the avocado mash with quinoa, crushed tomato, water cress, spinach, pecorino, basil on sourdough with a side of salmon. I’ve had the avocado mash myself on a previous visit and loved it.


..and for myself I ordered the dirty bird benedict; a poached free range egg, fried chicken fillet (delicious!), harissa hollandaise, rocket and a sage biscuit. As you can see from the photo I couldn’t resist, I dug straight in even before I was able to take that well needed before consumption photo (which is so unlike me). I loved the combination of the chicken and the harissa hollandaise but for me personally., didn’t completely enjoy the sage biscuit.


Either way, like usual, I devoured it all. All while consciously leaving that little bit of room for a sweet to finish on. We left the choice up to my sister and she chose well! We got the berry muffin which was baked in one of the RV coffee cups (very cute), and the lemon and blueberry tart.


Overall I really enjoy Roastville. I love the industrial feel of the venue itself and the food is pretty decent. It suits Marrickville perfectly and like other amazing and delicious cafes within the area, Roastville is up there.


157 Victoria Road, Marrickville
Monday – Friday: 6am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am-4pm
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Rebecca Sutherland

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