When I was going through high school I was the first to nominate myself to take photographs for any occasion, proudly calling myself the school photographer. It wasn’t until people started to ask me what I wanted to do once I left school, that I realised how much I enjoyed capturing memories in a spontaneous and creative way, and being responsible for seizing those special moments.

 Studying Visual Arts at Australian Catholic University, has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and help me appreciate the technique and artistic approach of photography in every day life. It helped me develop my own approach on how to photograph and capture all moment I believe important and memorable.

 My business runs on referrals from previous clients, so I always make sure each family is completely thrilled with the images as well as the experience that I have created for them.

 I love those rare occasions when someone would pull the old family albums off the book shelf or out the cupboard, and we would sit around laughing about the clothing warn and telling stories about the antics and adventures those few photos captured. We reminisce about past homes, memorable family holidays, people presnt and no longer with us and those horrible haircuts.

 My story, life and memories are captured through my photographs and I’d love to be responsible to helping you capture yours.

If you would like to have a look at my work please click here to proceed through to online portfolio. 

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