I am guilty, guilty of still not getting a cronut into my belly. Everywhere I go, I eye them off, saying “after my meal I’ll make sure there is some room left to dig in”. Every time I fail. I either eat to quickly or order the largest meal on the menu. Yesterday while at Brewtown I made the exception. Even though I sat there and devoured my prawn and saffron pasta (which left me feeling very full) I decided that today was the day, the day I would pop my cronut cherry.

Firstly I should probably mention how amazing the pasta was. The pasta was delicious, the prawns perfectly cooked and the kale was pretty darn decent. My sister ordered the Mediterranean bruschetta which she said was lovely also.


Now to the cronut. I don’t know if it was because I was so full but the chocolate crumble cronut really didn’t hit a home run. Yes it was nice but I don’t think its something I will want to have over and over again.


Brewtown Newtown on the other hand always delivers, the coffee I love and the menu makes me want to come back to try it all. Brewtown Cafe is perfectly dressed and the interior fits in perfectly with the industrial feel in most ‘it’ cafes at the moment.

Brewtown Newtown for me deserves 4 stars, the cronut may just not be my cup of tea.


Brewtown Newtown;
6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown
Monday-Sunday: 8am-4pm
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Rebecca Sutherland

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